Paint & Sip Events

Have a morning, afternoon or evening of memories and colourful fun!

Attend or host a paint and sip with your friends. These events can be public (hosted by myself) or private (hosted by you for special occasions), as I offer both social, fun events as well as workshops (more for learning). 

Usually we do colourful plants, Mexican pot designs, floral-style paint and sips, however can we also can do a theme or artwork of your choice. ie simple Cat or Dog or funny partner portrait, artwork games etc. As long as it's colourful, I'm happy to make it suit you!

Depending on how many people at your event, I can host at my own home at Causeway Lake (filled with plants, pups and lots of colour), your home or I can organise it in a local business in Yeppoon or Rockhampton. Send me a DM for the T's & C's!

To see dates of my upcoming Paint and Sips/Workshops and to buy a ticket, please head here.

To book your own private paint and sip, please contact me