Collection: 'Black Dog. Colourful Life' Series

This series of artworks, which are in no particular order, are about my love (and obsession) for my dog Tobi, a 13 year old Black Labrador. I got Tobi when I was twenty years old, from a litter of orphaned pups. He was the only boy out of 12 girls and may have been the runt of the litter, as he has always been a bit special I.e a dummy.
I joke about how I think no-one in the world, loves me as much as Tobi; he is equally obsessed with me as I him. Most of his day is spent following my every move around the house or staying by my heel when out and about. My partner jokes that he is my shadow and that he knows I love Tobi more than him.

The artworks I have painted in this collection are my way of showing how I think he views the world (playful, a bit abstract or nonsensical, whimsical and fun) and how he makes me feel in his world (happy, joyous, content and vibrant).
I have chosen imaginary places that also combine my love of plants, art and our home at the beach in Yeppoon, Queensland.