Collection: 'Little Boy. Big World' Series

This series is about our little white Chihuahua named Pablo Escobar.

At a young age Pablo became very ill, unable to walk or function normally due to an unknown cause and his veterinarian warned Grant that he would not make it past the age of 3 and that he should not be vaccinated, as they couldn't rule out that this was the cause of his ailment. This meant he couldn't go out into the 'big world' with other dogs for his own protection for much of his life, even after recovering.

Now, at 9 years old, Pablo has had a happy and full life in his own 'little world' here in Yeppoon. The yard and house is his big world. We have created a garden full of cactii, inspired by such you would find in the country of Mexico, where the breed of dog Chihuahua are from.

The paintings in this series are simply to celebrate his life amongst the cactus and to put into paint my love for this little boy.

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