About Arco Iris

At the start of 2021, I created the first concept of 'Arco Iris' Interiors. It began simply with one idea: to make my space more colourful. I started to practice painting again to find who I was as an artist.

I quickly discovered that it involved a lot of colour! I felt inspired by the colours of Latin America after seeing them on my travels when I was in my twenties. I also felt inspired as we approached 2020 by the interior design movement that seemed to be happening on social media. On Instagram, I saw many creatives starting to change their interiors into eclectic, colourful and stylish blends of decor. I saw home decor styles had evolved to incorporate new elements such as bold paint, wallpapers, quirky accents, abstract art, and an increased focus on 'plant parenthood' - the practice of nurturing living plants for both aesthetic and mental health benefits.

I had also met my partner Grant who recognized my talent for painting and decorating and has been instrumental in supporting my dream of turning it into a reality

I recall the moment when I finally discovered the exact style that perfectly captured my desired aesthetic: Tropical Eclectic. Excitedly, I reached out to my best friend Dee and she immediately confirmed, "Yes, that's it. That's you!"

Arco Iris Interiors is my dream, about 4 years in the making and until now, remaining only in my heart as a future goal one day.

Here you will find a mix of my own original paintings, custom-made fashion accessories and unique home decor accents that I have in my own home.