Meet my Inspiration

“Rainbows. Plants. Dogs Cactus. These are a few of my favourite things!”
Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m an emerging Australian artist, commencing my art practice in 2021. I live in the coastal town of Yeppoon, Queensland.
In 2023, I created my art business ‘Arco Iris Interiors’ where I offer colourful original artworks and hope to expand into fashion and interior design to cater for those who, like me, love colourful, eclectic and maximalist style and decor!
My work is colourful, joyous and energetic, ranging from abstract plant art and pottery to expressive dog portraits and sometimes whimsical combinations of both. I’m inspired by the rainbow (arco iris: Spanish) palette of Latin America where I travelled as a young woman. I also draw inspiration for my artworks from my hundreds of tropical houseplants and cacti collection, my beloved Black Labrador, Tobi, and my Chihuahuas, Pablo and Chiquita.



He is the inspiration behind my 'Black Dog. Colourful Life' Series. Tobi is a 13 year old Black Lab mix and 12/10 handsome man. He can often be found sunbaking in 34 degree weather, snoozing on the couch or just following me around the house. 


Our 9 year old White Chihuahua named after a cartel leader. He loves to spin and give a lot of kisses. Can often be found going on adventures with Tobi in the garden and running around the house trying to catch a fly.


Carlita Chiquita or Chiqui (pronounced like Chicky), is possibly the littlest girl in the world. Her name means 'little girl' in Spanish' and she is a 13 year old teacup Chihuahua weighing 1.5kg. Her small stature doesn't mean a small personality. She is the alpha of this trio! 


He is my safest place and my wildest adventure. He asked me when we first dated, if we could start a cactus garden together and I knew he was the one. My loving and supportive partner. I couldn't have done this without you